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Carpet Stain Removal Tips
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Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Carpet Stain Removal Tips and Guidelines

Carpet Stain Removal Tips

No matter how careful you are about keeping your carpets clean, there is bound to come a time when you get carpet stains that need to be removed. Most people don't want to call in the professionals unless there is no other option. Unfortunately, most people just don't know how to get stains out of carpet. On this page we have included general guidelines on carpet stain removal for specific kinds of stains to help you in your quest for clean carpets.

Follow Instructions

As with most things, it is important to read all of the instructions prior to beginning the carpet stain removal process. Each stain has its own needs and some carpet stains may not be removable. Not only should you follow the cleaning instructions listed here, but it is important to know what the carpet manufacturer's recommendations are about how to get stains out of carpet. Depending on what the carpet is made of, certain solutions or processes may or may not work. Always be sure that the cloths you use are clean and white so that you are not transferring soil from them onto the carpets you are attempting to clean.

Pre-Test Your Carpet

If you decide to follow these general carpet stain removal tips, it is important that you always test the process on an area of your carpet that will not be seen. This way you will be able to tell whether the process will damage your carpet in any way or cause a loss of color. While you should be able to remove some of the stains from your carpets, it is helpful to understand that there are times when you simply have to call in a professional carpet cleaning company to deal with your stains. If you are not sure whether or not you should do it yourself, it is always best to hire someone with experience to make the attempt.

How To Remove Carpet Stains

Below is a list of different carpet stains.  Just click on the type of stain you are trying to remove and follow the directions about how to remove carpet stains.

Blood StainsRemoving Blood from Carpet
Coffee StainsHow to remove coffee stains from carpet
Mascara StainsHow to get mascara out of carpet
Paint StainsHow to get paint out of carpet
Tea StainsHow to remove tea stains from carpet.
Wine StainsHow to remove wine stain on carpet
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